SECURITY ASSESSMENTS are critical in identifying vulnerabilities and developing a culture of security. ISB Security provides a wide range of assessment options. Our process looks at a multitude of factors and strategies. Take a look at our assessment options....

• LEVEL 1 ASSESSMENT- This is a strong first step in boosting your corporate security

  • Risk / vulnerability review
  • Property, business and employee review
  • Site & floor plan evaluation
  • Vulnerability Identification
  • Recommendations

• LEVEL 2 ASSESSMENT- Will provide a highly detailed report appropriate if you are planning a large construction, relocation or on boarding project.

  • Includes all LEVEL 1 ASSESSMENT items
  • TEAM BASED Risk / vulnerability forecasting
  • Review of dependencies / interdependence
  • Review of current policies and procedures
  • Identification of surrounding Critical Infrastructure
  • CPTED, Critical Infrastructure Detail / Cyber Security / Red Team analysis
  • Project budgeting and Prioritization