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“Your people and your mission are your most valuable assets. ISB Security will provide high quality solutions in the areas of PROTECTION, POLICY and EDUCATION to help keep your mission and your people safe.” 

Security Assessments

A comprehensive, all hazards – all threats vulnerability assessments that examines  your organizations physical security, security policy and procedure and ability to mitigate risk. This assessment provides a list of vulnerabilities and suggests a multitude of options to consider for reducing the vulnerabilities that are identified. 

Policy & Procedure Development

We offer a full suite of customized policy and procedure resources. These resources start with an Emergency Operations Plan (EOP) and include Crisis Management Team (CMT) development, Emergency Quick Reference guides. 

Education & Training - Topics

  • Personal Safety 
  • Individual Crisis Response 
  • Situational Awareness
  • Workplace Policy and Protocol
  • Threat and Hazard Specific (Covers staff response to issues ranging from but not limited to workplace violence, medical issues, weather related, active threats and everything in-between)
  • Countering Active Threat (traditionally called active shooter training)
  • Security Team Training
  • De-Escalation Training
  • First Aid, AED, CPR and Stop the Bleed
  • Crisis Communication
  • Safety and Security on-boarding
  • Maintaining a Culture of Safety and Security:
  • Business Continuity
  • Table-Top and Situational Exercises

Ari Friedman


A dedicated security professional with experience in both day-to-day and long-term security planning. His goal in starting ISB Security was to bring practical real-life security solutions to workplace environments while still helping businesses and schools maintain the optics they are aiming for.  He served as the lead security professional for an international sporting event, has had leadership and support roles in special events for politicians, foreign dignitaries, and celebrities. Ari has developed customized training for corporate staff and crisis management teams. He has certifications through FEMA and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s infrastructure protection program. 

With Security Threats on the Rise, ISB Security brings practicle training to community non-profits, schools, and houses of worship


Friedman also gets out into the community, providing active threat training for orginizational staff and others. He meets with organization leadership to discuss security best practices and site assessments. 

“And we are also meeting with local and federal law enforcement partners, to invite them into the  place where we’re doing the training,” Friedman said. “Sometimes, we’re educating them on why the specific community has some unique risks. This is something that some communities may not recognize, or be aware of.” 

In the Milwaukee area, Friedman recently visited the XXXXXXXXXXX  to conduct active threat training. The session reviewed some recent incidents nationwide and offered best practices for how to respond. 

“We hope people will never have to use this training,” Friedman said. “We prepare the community so they can be situationally aware and have some strategies for dealing with a threat situation.”  

It’s important for all the members of the community to get this kind of “practical training,” said RWK, the leader of orginization that recieved the training

“The security training from Ari Friedman was very instructive and eye opening,” he added, “We learned things about  security that we can be doing better. It helped us to think about security and planning in a new way.   

Case Studys

(Name of companys and refrences available upon request)

  • Monthly safety and security on boarding
  • Best practices for installation of protocols related to patron access and survillience for major theater group
  • Fortune 500 company need solution for ongoing security concerns in parking lots
  • room by room staff training at school district to address specific mitigation efforts when facing an active threat
  • Additional case studies available upon request


A full-service company driven on creating real practicle solutions for all security needs.

The right plan, and well-balanced strategy of Technology, Policy, and Education will send a clear message that, first and foremost, our clients care about their stakeholders.



Security Assessments

Policy and Procedure Development

Education and Training



ISB Security Services



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